K-W entrepreneur / benefactor Scott Barker publishes his inspirational memoir


Tagona Press is pleased to announce the forthcoming release of Kitchener – Waterloo native Scott Barker’s fine memoir, Muscle Memory. Barker has enjoyed sustained success through ventures where his boundless personal drive, innovative thinking, seeking out sound partners, and overcoming challenges have been Barker’s rate determining steps in achieving bold goals.

This insightful book is an artful account of Barker’s eventful life. He chronicles how unanticipated and sometimes painful experiences were eventually synthesized into a powerful personal philosophy. As an impressionable adolescent, Barker experienced the bewildering, devastating emotional pain of sexual abuse perpetrated by a trusted adult. He battled these demons for years before ultimately finding peace. Barker’s entrepreneurial triumphs were sometimes overshadowed by repeat battles with cancer and the constant fear that this dangerous adversary would return. Barker’s triumphs here were inspired by an unlikely hero – an 18 year old cancer victim possessing wisdom beyond her years.

Tagona Press publisher Bryan Davies notes that, “We are very proud to publish Scott’s memoir for two reasons. It is a compelling story – Scott is a winner who has overcome obstacles that many others would never have dared to face down. But more than its narrative appeal – Muscle Memory confirms why Scott is so wonderfully, irrepressibly human. His life story is a testament to what we can achieve when the odds are stacked against us.”

Barker and Tagona Press are donating 100 percent of all Muscle Memory net proceeds to the Dense Foundation charities, to help those afflicted by cancer and mental health challenges. Several of Barker’s longtime K-W friends and international business associates have given generously to assist these Muscle Memory charitable causes going forward.

The official K-W area Muscle Memory launch is set for May 22, 2024 at Catalyst 137 137 Glasgow Street, Kitchener, commencing at 630 pm. Book copies may be pre-ordered at for Free Delivery, or pickup at the launch.

Media enquiries (including requests for advance Muscle Memory review copies) can be made through Bryan Davies at [email protected].

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