The West End: A Magical Place Created by Giants by Dr. Frank S. Sarlo

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The West End: A Magical Place Created by Giants by Dr. Frank S. Sarlo is a heartfelt tribute to the vibrant and resilient community of the West End in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. This richly illustrated book, featuring sketches by Gene Ubriaco, delves into the historical, cultural, and personal stories that shaped this unique neighborhood. It highlights the remarkable achievements of its residents, including hockey legends Phil and Tony Esposito, businessman Geno F. Francolini, and author Frank G. Paci. Through vivid memories and personal anecdotes, Sarlo captures the essence of a community built by immigrants who overcame immense challenges to create a thriving, supportive neighborhood.

Whispering Duke Schiller – Tom Douglas

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The book “Whispering’ Duke Schiller: The Forgotten Hero of Early Aviation” by Tom Douglas is a compelling tribute to Clarence Alvin “Duke” Schiller, an under-celebrated pioneer in the field of aviation. It spans Schiller’s early life in Canada, detailing his journey from his birth in Iowa to his family’s resettlement in Cooksville, Ontario, and outlines his significant contributions to early aviation, including his time as a bush pilot and his service in multiple air forces. The narrative also delves into his adventurous career, marked by harrowing missions, daring rescues, and notable achievements in aviation that captured the public’s imagination during the 1920s, ’30s, and early ’40s.

Douglas’s book is structured to highlight Schiller’s life and aviation exploits through detailed chapters, each focusing on pivotal moments of his career and personal life. These include his contributions to the Royal Air Force Ferry Command during World War II, his innovative work as a bush pilot, and his various brushes with death, including confrontations with rumrunners and rescues at sea. The foreword, written by a family member, adds a personal touch, emphasizing the familial pride in Schiller’s legacy.

The book does not merely recount Schiller’s life; it also explores why his name has faded from public memory despite his considerable contributions to aviation and heroism during both world wars. Through meticulous research and captivating storytelling, Douglas aims to rectify this historical oversight, presenting Schiller’s story as not just a series of daring feats, but as a testament to the spirit of early aviation pioneers whose bravery and innovations laid the groundwork for modern air travel.

Peggy was Right By Patricia Zehr

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Some books provide readers with insights into contemporary social issues through the author’s expert command of the subject matter. Others are equally engaging because the narrative strikes every right note universally associated with great, timeless writing: compelling storytelling, well-developed characters, provocative plot twists – and a message that helps readers make better sense of the world around them.  

In Peggy was Right, Patricia Zehr artfully demonstrates how a combination of hard won, high level professional knowledge and writing ability can elevate a novel to great heights. Zehr’s 43 year Canadian healthcare career (first as a registered nurse, and then practicing as an obstetrics – gynecology specialist) provides Peggy was Right with its medical science rigor. Zehr draws on her personal experience working in one of the most challenging of all modern healthcare disciplines to tell the story of Peggy, a young, idealistic Ontario nurse who deliberately chooses to seek employment in Texas – a state with one of the highest US maternal mortality rates. Texas is also a reproductive rights battleground. Conservative state legislators immediately embraced the US Supreme Court’s 2022 reversal of Roe v Wade. Texas abortion bans and other restrictive reproductive health measures soon followed.

Peggy’s decision and her story opens with a harrowing prologue set in Texas, August 2023. Delilah, a Black, working class single woman supports her granddaughter, Becky, through a crisis that sets the stage for Zehr’s broader exploration of healthcare issues, personal struggles, and often profound racial inequality. Peggy was Right places ethically and politically conflicted American society in its crosshairs, where Zehr illustrates how the so-called North American ‘abortion debate’ is unfolding in ways where hope, human rights, physical and emotional pain, personal dignity, and (ultimately) resilience continually reshape the story.

Peggy was Right is a must-read for anyone who has navigated the turbulent waters of healthcare, felt the sting of systemic indifference, or fought for the right to make choices about their own body. It speaks to healthcare professionals and advocates, women’s rights activists, and general readers alike, offering a narrative rich with empathy, insight, and the courage to confront uncomfortable truths.

Tagona Press is honoured to bring this important work to a wider audience. We believe in the power of stories to ignite conversations, challenge preconceptions, and drive meaningful change. Peggy was Right does just that, inviting readers to look beyond headlines and political rhetoric to see the human stories at the heart of our collective experience.

Read Peggy was Right and become part of a conversation that should matter to everyone, no matter where you may stand on the social, cultural, and medical ethics issues that Patricia Zehr explores with such nuanced skill. This novel is not just a reflection of our times. It is also a powerful call to action.

Muscle Memory: Connecting the Dots

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Muscle Memory: Connecting the Dots by Scott Barker is an extraordinary journey through the life of Scott, a man who has become the embodiment of resilience, determination, and self-belief. Facing an array of life’s most formidable challenges, including cancer, abuse, depression, and physical injury, Scott’s story is not just about survival; it’s about thriving against the odds. This book offers readers an intimate look at Scott’s battles and victories, illustrating the profound power of personal leadership and the human spirit’s capacity to overcome.

Scott’s life lessons extend beyond his personal achievements of university graduation, entrepreneurial success, and competitive bodybuilding. They delve into the essence of what it means to live a life filled with purpose and self-discovery. “Muscle Memory” reveals how Scott’s struggles have provided him with unparalleled insights into the nature of failure and success, teaching him—and, in turn, his readers—how to navigate the perpetual ups and downs of life.

Beyond his own story, Scott has dedicated his life to helping others face their battles, whether by visiting children in hospitals or supporting adults through their cancer treatments. His approach to life, characterized by an unyielding faith in oneself and the courage to confront and transform pain into healing, serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration for all who encounter his story.

“Muscle Memory: Connecting the Dots” is more than a memoir; it’s a call to action for anyone seeking to overcome personal obstacles and find joy and fulfillment in life again. Through Scott’s vivid recounting of his experiences, readers are invited to explore their own lives, confront their fears, and embrace the wisdom that comes from connecting the dots of their own experiences. This book stands as a testament to the power of living inward, of turning profound pain into profound healing, and ultimately, of the indomitable strength of the human spirit.

A Special Place by Dr Frank Sarlo


In “A Special Place,” Dr. Frank Sarlo captures the essence of Sault Ste. Marie, exploring its rich history, natural beauty, and the resilience of its people. Through a blend of personal insights, community stories, and highlighting notable individuals, Sarlo celebrates the city’s unique spirit and the collective efforts to overcome challenges. Published at a crucial time for the community, the book aims to spread positivity and support those facing hardships. In a remarkable act of generosity, Dr. Sarlo has transferred all rights to “A Special Place” to St. Vincent Place and Pauline’s Place, ensuring that all proceeds directly benefit those struggling with addiction and homelessness in Sault Ste. Marie. This book is not just a tribute to the city but a concrete step towards making a difference in the lives of its residents.

Take The Front Seat

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“Take the Front Seat,” by John De Lorenzi, unveils an extraordinary journey of connection, discovery, and transformation set against the backdrop of a rideshare program in 1990s Canada. This compelling novel follows Boris Bonch, a Russian immigrant with a troubled past, and Did Spencer, a young university student battling narcolepsy and a unique stutter, as they navigate the roads between Ottawa and Toronto. Through chance encounters and shared rides, a series of vivid characters enter their lives, each leaving a lasting impact. From the depths of personal struggle to the heights of newfound relationships, De Lorenzi crafts a narrative that explores the essence of human vulnerability and the strength found in companionship. As Boris and Did’s stories intertwine with those of their passengers, including the intuitive Greta Visser and the explorative Eli Bobov, “Take the Front Seat” takes readers on a memorable ride through the complexities of identity, the challenges of adaptation, and the courage required to take control of one’s life. John De Lorenzi masterfully captures the spirit of adventure and the quest for belonging in this poignant tale of friendship, love, and the search for home.