Bryan Davies

Bryan is an award-winning writer and commentator based in Sault Ste. Marie, where he is a United Front Entertainment, and UFE Tagona Press (Sault Millworks) founding partner. UFE is a multidimensional Canadian and international creative works enterprise. Bryan also has a lifelong passion for sport. He has coached with high school, elite junior women’s (U19), and Canadian college basketball teams since 1985.

4:16 am – A Poetry Collection by Ava Nori – UPDATED 2023


A wonderful poetry collection that is “… darkly sad and very of the moment … mind racing, thinking of the tragedy of our own love stories and the sad intimacy of someone knowing you that well … unrequited love repeats throughout, and it has that familiar sting, even if you’re long past it…”

Alison Manley, Associate Editor, Miramachi Reader (Canada’s leading new literary review)

Prince Edward – A Four Seasons County


A Four Season County

A splendid photographic journey crafted from the work of four diverse, multidimensional Prince Edward County creative talents, as guided by two internationally acclaimed conservation photographers, and an award winning story-teller…. now set for November 15, 2020 publication.

As its title suggests, A Four Season County depicts our compelling Ontario region in ways that extend far beyond beautiful summer beaches, a successful, acclaimed wine industry, traditional agriculture, and vibrant, livable communities. The County is uniquely situated, no matter what particular physical, cultural, or metaphorical vantage point its observer might fancy. Gently rolling County terrain, beautiful woodlands, surrounding waters rich in fish, and fertile soils were home to indigenous peoples for over 2000 years prior to the first European explorers’ contact.

Contemporary County life is much more diverse than its largely agricultural 19th, and early 20th century predecessors, where Picton, Wellington, Bloomfield, and smaller hamlets largely depended upon farming industries as their lifeblood. It is this blend of tradition, and modern social realities that gives A Four Season County its essential foundation.


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