NEW RELEASE – 4:16 by Ava Nori

A Canadian independent book publisher’s life has its own peculiar joys and sorrows – but there is simply nothing better than working with smart, talented, and committed creative people. Ava Nori fits this bill beautifully – and Tagona Press is very proud to be publishing Ava’s first poetry collection, ‘4:16 AM’.

A rising star, we think … Ava’s work is at once precocious, introspective, sad, bitter, lively – and simply terrific. My obvious biases aside, the well-respected Miramachi Reader, Canadian new literature review devotees (through its Associate Editor Alison Manley), gave ‘4:16 AM’ warm praise. Everyone who has read Ava’s work has invariably commented on its raw emotional power and flat-out great wordsmithing.

Ava will doubtless continue to harness, hone, and polish her craft – we are thrilled to be part of Ava’s creative career journey.

And ‘4:16 AM’? This fine chapbook will be available online at www.tagonapress commencing January 15, 2023. A physical Book Launch is being arranged for later February – Ava will be reading then from the ‘4:16 AM’ collection (and no pressure from the always avuncular publisher 😂) … some new Ava works will be featured, too.

The usual Tagona Press cast of suspects have their fingerprints somewhere on ‘4:16 AM’ – our uber- skilled designer and artist Aaron Alessandrini, Helen Dow’s keen eye, and the ubiquitous Gary McGuffin … great teams are everything.

… and big ups to Sault ace Brian Tremblay for the supporting photos. His Sault photography retrospective is on the 2023 Tagona slate.

The ‘Free Nottawa’ T sported here by yours truly? An affectionate shout out to the grand Canadian landscape artistic talents featured in our newly released ‘Algoma – Solemn Land’, all backed by brilliant McGuffin photography … hmmm… maybe the Tagona joys and sorrows equation favours the former? You bet!

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