Tagona Press 2022 and exciting times ahead

“May you live in interesting times” – indeed! Navigating all things Covid, planning for 2022, working on the next books, getting a website assembled that doesn’t scream “Revenge of the Luddites”, telling the world what we have done and we will do, and generally moving forward – our Tagona Press challenges as the New Year opens are merely those of the modern world in microcosm.

This Tagona site is still in Beta mode, but with our design aces Tony Cavaliere (Kapptive Studios) and Aaron Allessandrini (graphic and layout) — over the next few weeks we will have a site that does justice to the terrific creative talents that are assembled under our Tagona banner. There will be bios of our Tagona ‘Four Season Ontario’ series (Prince Edward County, Hastings County, Durham Region, and Algoma District – wonderful, engaging photographers, writers, and creative teams – and some modest chest thumping about our Tagona publishing awards and future ambitions.

And other projects that build on our motto – “From the Sault to the World” – we are very excited about our 2022 Sault enterprise, ‘Do the Soo’ walking tours, our contribution to Algoma and Canadian tourism / culture that will tell the often grand, sometimes sobering Sault story that begins where it should – with the Indigenous Peoples who are the eternal stewards and stakeholders in one of the world’s most beautiful and profoundly spiritual places.

And for some direct natural inspiration (or a quick laugh, depending on your taste for video clips) – my takes on the beautiful Lake Superior shore and what it means to me as someone following in over 5,000 years of footsteps made in this place.

Covid has taught us many lessons, and none more valuable than what my old fave Michael Des Barres (‘Little Steve’s Underground Garage’ DJ and all round rocker – guru) implores his audience to adopt as their mantra – ‘Be Cool, Be Kind, Be Courageous!’

Some other social media snippets – my ‘bryantagona’ musings / quick hits / four season Lake Superior scenes on Instagram are here

Until next time. Bryan

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